How To Stop A Bullet

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How To Stop A Bullet

Each component in the ArmorCore® panel is critical in stopping a ballistic threat.

The composite laminate consists of fiberglass reinforced thermoset resin designed to defeat a projectile through a process of energy absorption through controlled delamination and energy dissipation.

The fiberglass reinforcement transfers the energy of the bullet across the width of the panel. In addition, the resin is designed to separate into individual plies through a process of controlled delamination to eventually absorb all the energy and stop the bullet within the laminate.

Once the plies have begun to delaminate, additional shots become progressively easier to defeat because the energy is more readily absorbed by the laminate.

In contrast to metal barriers, the fiberglass laminate is designed to prevent ricochet of the projectile as well as spalling on the non-threat side of the panel.

How We Stop A Bullet:
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How We're Different

The Efficient Choice

ArmorCore® bullet resistant panels are thinner and lighter than “pultrusion” panels offering comparable protection. This distinction means easier and faster installation, lower shipping costs, and more efficient construction for your project that calls for bullet proof panels.

The Waco Composites Difference

Our emphasis has always been in research and development and a rigorous quality assurance program with continuous testing of bullet proof materials to ensure the highest degree of product integrity.

Our in-house testing facilities make Waco Composites unique in the industry, and provide us the capability of quickly developing custom ballistic fiberglass panels to meet specific customer specifications.

Along with consistent ballistic testing, documentation and attention to detail are part of the Waco Composites Quality Assurance Program. Waco Composites is an ISO 9001:2008 registered company.

When seeking a solution for bulletproof panel construction, call us and ask about how ArmorCore® bullet resistant panels are uniquely qualified to provide protection.